January 24 is Circular Electronics day, an international initiative focusing on the large resource consumption IT-hardware and other electronic products generate and the need to drive the development towards more circular usage.

This text is part of the Circular Electronics Initiative blog series. Multiple organizations stand behind this initiative that aims sto encourage organizations and consumers to take a more responsible approach to electronics.

Today, IT-products are manufactured in a global supply chain and transported long distances. As a customer it is challenging to get an overview of the climate emissions and where the greatest climate impact occurs during the products’ life cycle.

Advanias climate emission calculator Klimatsnurran helps our customers to calculate emissions during the products’ full lifecycle and gives them a customized view of where the climate impact occurs as well as a better understanding of how to decrease the emissions during the lifecycle.

What gets measured gets done

Advania’s Klimatsnurran-tool also includes a calculation of the climate benefits from returning and reusing IT hardware, and therefore becomes a natural driving force for customers to focus on increasing the proportion of hardware that is returned to Advania after usage. Each unit of hardware that is returned and reused by another customer is a simple but first important step towards a more circular economy in the IT industry.

Give it a try: advania.se/klimatsnurran