For the sixth year in a row, it is time for Circular Electronics Day on January 24. The goal is to create awareness about the need for a longer life for electronic products and greater recirculation of all materials while minimizing waste. Here are three ways to manage your IT products in a circular way.

In a linear economy, we use virgin natural resources to manufacture products, use them for a short period of time and then discard them. This leads to a number of serious sustainability issues where valuable natural resources are depleted, and toxic e-waste accumulates at a record speed every year. Adding to the problem, e-waste is often handled in unsafe ways, leading to human health problems.

In a circular economy, resources are handled in a more responsible way. For electronics, this means reducing virgin resource extraction, extending the use-life of products, and minimizing waste and pollution.

Circular Electronics Day (#circularelectronicsday) on January 24 is an important yearly reminder to make everyone aware that smart choices on what to buy and how to manage products throughout their life can make a big difference for the environment and human health, and can save you money.