From today, December 12, 2019, TCO Certified covers three new product categories: network equipment, data storage products and servers. Apply for certification now to have the chance to be among the first IT brands with certified products.

IT products in data centers are connected to both social and environmental sustainability risks throughout their life cycle. The environmental impact of data usage is growing fast. To help tackle these problems, we now expand TCO Certified to include three of the most important components of data centers: network equipment, data storage products and servers. The decision to include data center products in TCO Certified also follows increasing demand from purchasing organizations as they move toward a more holistic approach to sustainable IT.

“More and more often, we are approached by purchasers wanting to include data center equipment as part of their policy to buy products certified according to TCO Certified. Today’s publication is our response to this demand, and an opportunity for IT brands to get a competitive advantage to competitors,” says Sören Enholm, CEO at TCO Development.

Brand owners can now apply for certification and those that are the first to certify will be publicly recognized in TCO Development’s external communication.

“TCO Certified, generation 8 for data centers includes a wide range of criteria designed to promote a circular approach to IT products. For brand owners, it’s a tool that helps validate your sustainability progress and claims in environmental and supply chain responsibility,” says Sören Enholm.

The criteria for network equipment, data storage products and servers are part of TCO Certified, generation 8 and the same criteria areas are covered. TCO Certified, generation 8 drives responsibility and transparency in the supply chain and reduces or eliminates the use of hazardous substances in IT products. Certified products must be energy efficient and circular solutions are enabled through criteria focusing on product repairability. TCO Certified also helps purchasing organizations contribute to national and global sustainability goals.