Around 50 million metric tons of e-waste is generated every year and only 20% is recycled globally. The new TCO Certified Edge criterion “E-waste compensated” helps tackle the problem.

The criterion is now released and you’re welcome to contribute with your comments until December 20. We will then consider all comments and make necessary changes before publishing the criterion during the first quarter of 2020.

To meet the criterion E-waste compensated, the brand owner collects e-waste in a country where discarded electronics aren’t handled in a responsible way. For each manufactured product, the brand ensures take-back of an equal amount of e-waste. The discarded product must be recycled in line with local legislation and relevant EU standards and regulations. This closed-loop solution for e-waste contributes to the circular economy.

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Next steps and timeline

Dec 4-Dec 20: The draft of TCO Certified Edge “E-waste compensated” is open for comment. We welcome your input

Dec 21-Jan 20: We review all comments and make necessary adjustments to the criterion.

First quarter, 2020: TCO Certified Edge, E-waste compensated is published. From the release date, brand owners can apply for product certification.