The clarification of logo placement requirements in criterion 1.1.1 Information to end users has been updated and two additional ways to meet the labeling requirement have been added.

The changes will be implemented in the criteria document by the next revision but are effective as of today. Find full criteria documents here. If you have additional suggestions on how to fulfill this criterion, please email

New and updated texts, included in chapter 1.1.2, clarification:

Alternative A

On a permanent or temporary label. Temporary labels must be affixed to the product with an adhesive or cling-type application.

  1. UPDATED: The logo must be visible on the top or front of the product. (The front of the product is defined as the surface seen when viewing the product from the front and may include the stand. The top is defined as the surface that is seen from the top and the back is the surface that is seen from the back.)
  2. The minimum size of the logo is 16mm in width and 10mm in height.
  3. If the logo is to be placed alongside other logos or graphic elements, a minimum of 2,5mm padding must be used on all sides of the TCO Certified logo.
Alternative B

Via electronic labeling displayed on the screen in one of the below ways:

  1. UPDATED: During the startup of the product:
    The logo must cover at least 1% of the screen but the text “certified” in the logo must be legible. The logo must be in color, black, or white and must automatically (without the need of interaction) appear at system start-up, and must be displayed for a minimum of 0,5 seconds.
  2. NEW: Via a shortcut on the desktop screen of the product.
    The shortcut must have an icon in the form of the TCO Certified logo in color and it shall link to “the information document for end-users” which may be published on the brand owner’s homepage. The document is available at
  3. NEW: TCO Certified logo as a part of the product picture:
    The TCO Certified logo is shown on the first product picture where the product is marketed on the brand owners web site. In the product specification on this page, TCO Certified is also listed with a link to the “information to end-user document” which is the document required under mandate 1.1.1 part 1.

TCO Development will consider alternative proposals for electronic labeling on a case-by-case basis.