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As we mentioned in last month’s technical update, this year we’ll be carrying out a number of quality control and verification activities, both at the product and factory level.

Firstly, we will be doing our regular product spot checks beginning in March, where we select a number of certified products models and subject them to TCO Certified testing.

We will also be doing a number of factory spot checks to verify compliance with the criteria for socially responsible manufacturing, as well as re-visiting some factory sites to follow up on implementation of corrective actions.

Finally, we’ll be carrying out “round robin” testing between all test and verification organizations. This process is a vital aspect of maintaining consistency of test methods and equipment calibration among all facilities testing for TCO Certified compliance.

Our quality assurance program is an important aspect of TCO Certified. These verification efforts help maintain the credibility and integrity of the program and it’s value to you as manufacturers, as well as the purchasers who request certified products.