– Verification of compliance

Compliance of criteria is independently verified

The only way to make sure that the criteria in TCO Certified are met is to assess factory conditions and products themselves, which requires both extensive resources and a high level of expertise. This is why we work with independent test and verification organizations. They are accredited to carry out product testing, verify factory audits and corrective actions as well as assess environmental compliance.

Verification organizations you can trust

Compliance with all criteria in TCO Certified is verified by independent verification organizations that specialize in IT products, social responsibility or other sustainability issues. All test facilities are accredited to ISO 17025.

Compliance throughout the certificate’s lifespan

Certified products and the factories where they are made must comply with the criteria in TCO Certified during the certificate’s full validity period, which is checked both before and after the certificate is issued. Products, factories and brand owners are followed up with spot checks based on risk assessments.

The brand owner is by contract responsible for ensuring that certified products and the factories where they are made meet the criteria in TCO Certified. Brand companies will be held accountable in cases of non-compliance.

Step 1:

Before a product is certified

  • The product is tested by an independent verifier to ensure that it meets all criteria in TCO Certified.
  • The brand owner must have a code of conduct that meets our criteria for socially responsible manufacturing. It must be implemented throughout the supply chain connected to certified products.
  • Independent verification of environmental compliance for products and factories.
  • An independent audit of social responsibility in manufacturing is made. A corrective action plan is set up for all cases of non-conformities.
  • Brand owners must provide proof that social audits are carried out at least once every three years at all final assembly factories manufacturing certified products.