It’s great to see that the interest in sustainability is growing. Together, we can lower the climate impact of our IT usage, make sure that natural resources are used sustainably, harmful emissions are reduced and that people who work in the supply chain of IT products can have a good quality of life.

Some of our highlights from the past 12 months include:

  • The launch of TCO Certified, generation 9 in December 2021, with new and updated criteria for socially responsible manufacturing, hazardous substances, circularity, and much more.
  • We saw a record-breaking interest in certified products from both purchasing organizations and the IT industry. Currently, almost 4,000 product models are listed in our Product Finder.
  • Our new course, published in November. Sustainable IT for Beginners helps you and your team learn the basics and go from plan to action.

30 years of driving sustainability

2022 was also the year when TCO Certified turned 30! It’s now three decades since the first certificate was issued. TCO Certified was then the first sustainability certification for IT products, and we continue to lead the development in our segment with the most comprehensive criteria and rigorous verification on the market. Learn more about our journey, and test your knowledge in our quiz.

Three simple steps that have a great impact

  1. Keep your computer longer. Around 80 percent of a notebook’s climate emissions occur in the manufacturing phase, so each additional year creates substantial sustainability benefits.
  2. Poor battery performance is a common reason for replacing otherwise fully functional products. Keep the battery 20-80% charged, as it will prolong its life significantly.
  3. Benefit from our work! Each year, we spend 10,000 hours developing relevant, driving criteria. Independent experts spend 20,000 hours verifying that products and factories are compliant. TCO Certified gives you access to all of this, free of charge.

Join us for a fairer, greener 2023

The new year contains 365 days that remain to be filled with meetings, activities, and decision-making. At TCO Development, we see sustainable development as a matter of choice. Nothing is impossible, but nothing will happen unless we make an effort and include sustainability in our day-to-day processes. It’s up to you and to us. Together, we can create positive change that benefits people and the environment worldwide.

Thank you for committing to a more sustainable world. Let’s make 2023 a year of new progress.

PS. The photo was taken during our conference in Sweden in September 2022, when we met for the first time in three years due to the covid pandemic.