The EU has taken a leading role in the development of sustainability legislation. In this webinar, we look at key developments that are already having, or soon will have, significant impacts on procurement and sustainable IT practices.

We dive into one of the hottest topics in this space – repairability – together with Lise Breteau, an attorney registered with the Paris Bar and policy leader with the French NGO Green IT, who shares learnings from the French Repairability Index and shares insights into work being done on the evolution of the Repairability Index to a Durability Index.

There have been significant developments in EU sustainability legislation recently. Europe often leads the way here, with other countries/regions following. In this webinar on-demand, we identify current and upcoming EU regulations and directives that affect ecodesign for IT products and sustainability within procurement and how these might influence the global market.

Webinar content

  • Recent developments in sustainable (public) procurement, focusing on new requirements for procurers to include sustainability in their tenders.
  • New upcoming eco-design requirements for IT products, focusing on the latest developments in product reparability/durability and the importance of digital product passports.
  • Upcoming rules on greenwashing/green claims and their impacts on the importance and use of eco-labels/certification.
  • How EU requirements are spearheading a major shift in the global market and what we can expect in the future.

Watch on-demand

The webinar presents an edited version of the interview with Lise Breteau.

Watch the full interview here. [34.12]