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New TCO Certified Edge will be launched in 2020

As part of the TCO Certified, generation 8 development process, we have evaluated the role of TCO Certified Edge. Following this evaluation, we have decided to launch a new generation of TCO Certified Edge in 2020. Until then, brand owners can apply for certification to the existing generation of criteria.

2018-06-27T10:06:43+02:00June 27, 2018|Categories: Updates and changes|

Update – next generation TCO Certified, be among the first to certify

With the next generation TCO Certified, we're taking a major step toward a sustainable life cycle for electronics. As you can see in the criteria draft, TCO Certified, generation 8 will focus on further building transparency and responsibility in supply chain, material use and product life. With leadership criteria and independent verification as the backbone of TCO Certified, purchasers, brands and suppliers will have a tool they can trust and stand behind.

2019-05-17T11:47:56+02:00May 17, 2018|Categories: Updates and changes|Tags: , |

Next Generation TCO Certified – draft criteria released

In December 2018, the next generation of the sustainability certification TCO Certified will be launched — generation 8. The criteria draft is now released, including many new and updated criteria, aiming to drive even further sustainability progress in the IT product industry.

2019-11-18T13:03:07+01:00April 5, 2018|Categories: Pressrelease|

Launch schedule: Next Generation TCO Certified

This year, we’re launching the Next Generation TCO Certified. Beginning in late March, we’ll be releasing draft versions of new and updated criteria. TCO Certified is developed continually in an open process, including dialog with multiple stakeholders, resulting in a new generation every three years.

2018-04-04T10:33:27+02:00March 6, 2018|Categories: News|Tags: |

Join the Dialog – Next Generation TCO Certified

This year TCO Certified turns 25. Naturally we’re proud of this milestone and our progress toward a sustainable life cycle for IT products. But there’s a lot more work to do. Reaching this long term goal demands that we together renew our commitment to solving the many environmental and social challenges connected to electronics.

2019-01-17T15:28:37+01:00September 26, 2017|Categories: News|Tags: |

A new approach to the phase-out of hazardous substances

One of the major changes proposed in the new generation TCO Certified is a fresh approach to reducing hazardous substance content in computers, displays and other electronic devices. Moving away from focusing on banned substances alone, the draft proposes the addition of an Accepted Substances List, specifying substances that have been evaluated and declared as safer alternatives.

2019-04-05T11:34:02+02:00June 1, 2015|Categories: News|Tags: , |

Global E-waste reaches record high, says new UN Report

In a new report released by the United Nations University, global electronic waste has reached record high levels. 41.8 million tons of e-waste was generated in 2014, fuelling concerns about the growing risks to public health, resource conservation and the environment.

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