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For over 25 years, TCO Certified has developed solutions for driving social and environmental responsibility in IT products and their manufacture.

In late 2018 we will launch a new generation of TCO Certified – the eighth generation to date. The certification continues to be a global tool for driving the IT industry in a more sustainable direction. “Together with buyers and other global stakeholders, with the next generation of TCO Certified we want to take the next steps in driving a sustainable life cycle for IT products”, comments Sören Enholm, CEO of TCO Development.

In each generation of TCO Certified the criteria are enhanced and developed. Independent pre and post certification verification is also an important part of that process. In this way, TCO Certified helps ensure that more socially and environmentally sustainable IT products are available on the market. “Buyers hold they key to the development of more sustainable IT products. Without buyer demand, the criteria in TCO Certified will not have the same impact, which could slow progress in the drive to greater sustainability” continues Enholm.

The global success story of TCO Certified began in 1992 as a tool for moving the IT industry to develop computer displays that were safer, and more energy- and cost efficient. “TCO Certified is today the global leader and has been a driver in pushing for progress in the sustainability of the IT product life cycle in a rapidly changing market” says Björn-Erik Lönn, Chair of Global Ecolabelling Network, GEN, the organization for independent lifecycle based environmental certifications.

Since then, the certification has grown to meet new environmental and social challenges, such as working conditions in the supply chain. More than 10 600 product models from over 400 manufacturers have been certified. TCO Certified is now available in eight IT product categories, with notebooks being the second largest. TCO Certified is still today a tool for driving the IT industry in a more sustainable direction. “25 years is a