Sustainability and sustainable procurement are no longer niche interests but imperative for every organization, whether large, small, public, or private. By using the right tool, purchasers can get their voice deep into the supply chain, say Clare Hobby and Barton Finn from our purchaser support team.

Maturity is growing and many purchasing organizations now scale up their sustainability efforts and move from focusing on details such as energy efficiency to covering more complex issues.

Looking at the trends for 2022, Barton Finn has noted several hot topics:

“Organizations are starting to realize that using products longer is one of the most important things they can do in order to reduce the climate impact and other sustainability factors. I’ve seen some interesting examples of organizations purchasing large quantities of second-hand assets. Another focus area is working conditions in the supply chain, here we’re seeing purchasers trying to get more transparency and influence the supply chains.

“When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, more organizations now translate commitments made on a global level into their purchasing policy.”