With organizations and purchasers under pressure to pay attention to sustainable procurement, there continues to be an increased interest in more sustainable IT products. During March, a record-high number of products were certified according to the sustainability certification TCO Certified. More certified products make it easier for purchasers to make more sustainable choices.

IT products are a source of greenhouse gases (GHGs) throughout their entire life cycle — from manufacturing through to distribution, use and disposal. With improvements in design, manufacturing, technology and user behavior it is possible to limit the impact. TCO Certified is the world’s leading sustainability certification for IT products, and a tool that helps purchasers and purchasing organizations get sustainability right. The demand for more sustainable IT products continues to be high. When purchasers globally is asking for sustainable criteria, the signal to the IT industry sets the process in motion, which the number of new certified products is showing.

As many as 122 new product models were certified during March. That is a new all-time high in a separate month since the launch month of TCO Certified, generation 9. The 122 product models come from ten different brand owners. Displays and notebooks are the most popular product categories, followed by desktop computers and headsets. In total, there are now around 4,000 products certified according to TCO Certified.

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