It’s now only a few weeks to go until the next generation of TCO Certified is published. We’re currently reviewing all stakeholder comments, and finalizing the criteria and verification methods for release in early June.

TCO Certified, generation 9 includes improvements in a number of areas. We take the next step in socially responsible manufacturing and go further up the supply chain. Our ground-breaking system for safer alternatives to hazardous substances is expanded to include process chemicals used in the manufacture of IT products. We also move forward to enable circular IT solutions with more ambitious criteria aimed at extending the life of IT products, improving recyclability, and reducing e-waste.

Stakeholder input is an important aspect in setting criteria that are meaningful, relevant, and help drive IT products toward a more sustainable life cycle. To allow more time for feedback, we included two draft periods this time and the second draft period is now closed. Thanks to all of you who have taken part in webinars and responded back to us — we are currently reviewing all comments and will get back to you directly during the coming weeks.

We are looking forward to June 1, when the finalized criteria documents will be published. IT product brand