As a brand owner, working proactively with environmental and social issues is a necessity, and TCO Certified helps you communicate your progress in a credible way.

Purchasing organizations use TCO Certified to make responsible, more sustainable choices of IT products. The certification also offers many benefits for you as an IT product brand owner.

  • TCO Certified gives you a clear signal of purchaser priorities and demand. Proven product claims help you compete in the growing market for more sustainable IT products.
  • Our system for verification and continuous improvement helps you structure your work with sustainability and communicate your progress in a credible way.
  • TCO Certified can be used globally, and requirements are harmonized worldwide, which is easier and more efficient for both purchasers and the IT industry.
    We leave no shortcuts for competitors. Independently verified claims ensure fair competition in procurements.

Learn more about the benefits here. If you want to apply for certification of additional product models, please contact Martin Söderberg, Industry Rel