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We have received questions regarding the ETEC_MAX value for displays in TCO Certified, generation 8. Here is a clarification of which value we want you to report.

In the sustainability performance indicators criteria we require that the ETEC, and the ETEC_MAX value is reported. ENERGY STAR® for computers ETEC_MAX includes all applicable adders, but for displays this is not the case. So, to clarify which value we are interested in, we will from now on refer to ETEC_Limit for displays, which includes all applicable adders according to the following calculation:


The explanation for the applicable adders can be found in Equation 2 in the ENERGY STAR® Program Requirements for Displays version 7.1.

The sustainability performance indicators form for displays has been updated with the new name.

New version:

*Total Energy Consumption (TEC) according to ENERGY STAR®. (Worst case value.)
ETEC (kWh)
ETEC_Limit (kWh)