Ecolabels give purchasers an easy way to include sustainability factors in a wide variety of product categories. But many purchasers point to the overload of choice. Comparing ecolabels can be confusing. There are, however, some basic ways to assess which ones actually deliver credible, verified results.

This text is part of our latest report, Impacts and Insights: Navigating the Sustainable IT Revolution – The critical role of independent verification. The report helps buyers worldwide accurately verify social and environmental aspects of their purchases.


Balancing the many priorities in IT procurement is a challenge. To get the sustainability factors right, it’s far too resource-intensive to set your own criteria, pay for independent verification of compliance, and make sure that products and factories live up to the criteria and show progress over time. This is the job of a comprehensive product certification or ecolabel. Therefore, best practice in sustainable procurement starts with choosing the right tool.