Our Viktor Wennström spoke to Siddharth Prakash, Oeko-Institut, about the role ecolabels and sustainable purchasing can play in the development of more sustainable IT products.

Siddharth Prakash is a senior researcher at the Oeko-Institut in Germany, specializing in policies and instruments for sustainable consumption and production. He has published several reports on IT and sustainable consumption, and has provided his expertise in the development of criteria for many Type-1 ecolabels worldwide, such as the German Blue Angel, the EU Ecolabel, and Thailand’s Green Label. He also works in green public procurement policy and implementation, especially in Southeast Asia.

Viktor Wennström is currently busy developing criteria for the next generation of TCO Certified that will be launched in 2021. He is also responsible for the quality assurance of the certification’s verification systems, and makes sure that test methods and assessments are accurate and comparable. Here he talks with Siddharth Prakash about the future of sustainable IT products.