In the last Technical Update newsletter, we presented new ways to meet the logo placement requirements of criterion 1.1, information to end users. Links to the “information to end-user document” are part of these alternative solutions — find them here.

The new alternatives that were presented in the last Technical Update were:

  • Via a shortcut on the desktop screen of the product. The shortcut must have an icon in the form of the TCO Certified logo in color and it shall link to “the information document for end-users” which may be published on the brand owner’s homepage. The document is available here.
  • TCO Certified logo as a part of the product picture: The TCO Certified logo is shown on the first product picture where the product is marketed on the brand owner’s website. In the product specification on this page, TCO Certified is also listed with a link to the “information to end-user document” which is the document required under mandate 1.1.1 part 1.

By request from brand owners, we have provided URLs which can be used as the target link required in the alternatives presented above

The links that can be used:

For TCO Certified:
For TCO Certified Edge:

The full criterion with all logo placement instructions is available in our Brand Book. If you have questions please contact our certification team on